You Can’t Keep A Believer Down - July 2020

There are many times where the lowest points in your life are actually launching pads to God’s greatest promotion in your life.  It was so for Joseph in the Bible!

Joseph had not been betrayed by his brothers; he would not have been sold as a slave.  If he had not been sold as a slave, he would not have been in Potiphar’s house.  If he was not in Potiphar’s house, he would not have been thrown into an Egyptian prison meant specifically for the king’s prisoners.  If he was not in that specific prison, he would not have interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s officers.  If he had not interpreted their dreams, he would not have been summoned to interpret Pharaoh’s dream two years later.  If he had not interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, Pharaoh would not have promoted Joseph to become his prime minister over the entire Egyptian empire!

God’s presence with Joseph and His unmerited favour caused Joseph to be promoted from the pit to the palace, from the dunghill to Capitol Hill, from the outhouse to the White House.  So, stop looking at your circumstances and stop allowing them to discourage you.  The same Lord, who was with Joseph, is with you right now.  And he knows that you often will need Encouragement.

So He has provided you with a Church family, a body of believers who represent Him to Encourage you, Exhort you, and Comfort you in your times of despair.

As the saying goes  . . .  Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face when circumstances get on top of you. Don’t close yourself off from people who care about you. Don’t stay in Isolation when times are tough.  That’s exactly what your enemy wants you to do  . . .  Don’t walk into his TRAP!

Instead humble yourself and reach out to God through other believers who may not be Perfect, but, whose intention is to help keep you close to God and want what is best for you, so that you can be all you can be in life and in God.

And remember  . . .  what your enemy means for your harm, God can turn around for your good.

Let us not neglect our church meetings, as some people do, but encourage and warn each other, especially now that the day of his coming back again is drawing near. - Hebrews 10:25 (TLB)