The Intelligent Designer - October 2019

Two bushmen, who lived in the remote outback, went for a long walk and stumbled upon a city. “Wow!  How do you think that got there?” one asked the other.

The second bushman, who considered himself quite scientific, replied: “Well, there are two theories.  First, there is the ‘Big-Prang Theory’ where two mountains collided and all the rocks accidentally fell into place, forming what you see before you.  The second theory, which most educated people accept, is known as the ‘Ever-Popular-Solution’ or ‘Evolution’ for short.  This is where, given the right circumstances and enough time, rocks and minerals arrange themselves into complex mathematical shapes, complete with flashing lights and strange vehicles whizzing around them.”

The first bushman scratched his head, saying: “I don’t know, mate - it seems as if someone designed it.”

“Don’t be stupid,” laughed the second. “You’ve gotta be pretty simple-minded to believe that.”

It is just as unlikely for a city to accidentally form itself, as a DNA molecule (the most efficient information storage system in the known universe) is to form accidentally.  Or, to use another example, frayed dinosaur scales transforming into symmetrical bird feathers is as likely as a frayed t-shirt transforming into an Armani suit.

Many eminent scientists, who see the enormous problems in outdated and unproven theories, are re-examining the scientific facts and concluding that everything in creation has intelligent design.   So if there is intelligent design to creation, wouldn’t that indicate there is an Intelligent Designer? (See Hebrews 11:3)