Swimming Aimlessly During The Pandemic - November 2020

When we dive into the ocean with our eyes open, images are unclear.  The water blurs our vision and everything is vague.  Without any aid, we are unable to identify the objects surrounding us.  However, when we put on a diving mask or goggles, the sea world suddenly comes into focus.  We can now marvel at the ocean in a way we never could before.  We can see very clearly the direction in which we are heading, appreciate the beauty of the ocean and identify what is friendly and what is dangerous.

Life can seem pretty vague.  For many of us, we journey aimlessly through our lives trying to find sense and purpose to something that seems pointless.

This is particularly true of our current situation that we find ourselves in, i.e. the Coronavirus Pandemic.  So, is there a higher purpose to life?  If there is, how can we possibly see things clearly?

When we look at life through the Word of God (Bible), everything takes on a completely different appearance.  The Bible records history from beginning to end.  We see things with a clarity that could never be attained relying on our own resources.  Suddenly, there is understanding as to why certain things happen.

This is the reason that most Christians have not had fear or uncertainty about their future, even in the midst of isolation and economic recession.   Because of Bible prophecies and God’s promises to those who are His, we can clearly see our destination and purpose in life.

God never intended us to travel through life disorientated and vulnerable to every danger.  He gave us goggles (Bible) to see clearly – it is up to us to put them on.  (Psalms 119:105, Hebrews 4:12)

If you want to see where you are in the scheme of life on earth, why don’t you consider becoming a Christian?  You will find that God is still in control.  He is faithful to those who are His.  And He provides understanding, peace, joy, patience and self-control even in the midst of a Pandemic.

We would love to support and guide you in this most important decision that you can EVER make in life.  So, we invite you to get in touch with us via any of the contact details provided on this page.  IT’S NOT TOO LATE!