No Excuse This Mother’s Day - May 2020

Often, the reason we don’t have excellent relationships in life is because we have taken our loved ones for granted in pursuit of other things. 

We have forgotten what is important.  The Covid19 Isolation rules are beginning to expose this fact in many lives.

Mothers / Wives are often the prime example of Neglect.  Subtly, the things in our worlds intrude and Mums are taken for granted.

We understand the value of our wives when we first fall in love, and Mums when a baby comes along.  Yet as time passes, they are often taken for granted.  Bit by bit, Dads and Children, particularly when they grow up, become far too busy pursuing personal ambitions than desiring to be in the company of their Mothers who will always love and hold a special place for them in her heart.

A good ambition for life is to spend as much time as possible in the company of loved ones. 

Regarding God, if we say we love Him, we should naturally desire to spend as much time in His company as possible.  This does not mean we hang around a church 24/7.  God is omnipresent (everywhere simultaneously), so wherever we go – there He is.  We can include God in everything we think and do.  When we are excited about the wonder of life – we can praise Him.  When we are sad or worried – we can confide in Him.  When we are stressed or fearful – we can confidently hand our problems to Him. 

As we get to know God, our prayer life should lose its religious-ritual and become a long conversation with a Loved One that never ends.  This is the relationship our Heavenly Father wants with us. 

If we keep God as our first love, it will result in a better relationship with our Wives and Mums. We will start seeing them through God’s eyes.  We will have peace; we will be more caring, tolerant and interested in their lives and not just ours.

This Mother’s Day in particular, there is no excuse not to lavish our Mums with our love – even from a distance.

Why not let this time of Isolation from the many things that ‘used to’ be a great priority in our lives, be a time to think of creative ideas to give our Wives and Mums something they have missed out on in the past. . . . OUR TIME!

 With Social Media facetime etc. we could even check in with her more than once on her Special day!!