Don’t Allow The Truth To Be Brought Into Disrepute - March 2019

A tourist heard of a special place known as 'Heavenly-Salvation' where everlasting accommodation was said to be free.  She eagerly grabbed her pack and headed off to see if the claims were true.  As she approached, a wild looking man who lived on the outskirts ran up to her laughing madly and speaking gibberish.  He welcomed her to Heavenly-Salvation and told her that if she wished to enter she would have to be his servant and give him all her money.  In disgust, the tourist thought, ‘These Christians are insane - I want nothing to do with them or their so-called free village.’  She quickly turned around and decided never to return.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Heavenly-Salvation scratched their heads in frustration.  They could not understand why so few tourists visited their lovely village - they were completely unaware that the village idiot was scaring them all away.

Salvation is a free gift - there is no cost.  God paid the account on the cross through Jesus Christ.  However, it can be very hard for the ‘Unbelieving-World’ to see the truth of Christianity through the forest of village idiots.  The world is filled with cults and crazy religions all claiming to be doing God’s will, but their obvious greed and weird practices are bringing the Truth into disrepute.  Sadly, these way-out teachings are the most vocal and the ‘Unbelieving-World’ judges all Christianity by the village idiots.  

Any person wishing for eternal salvation should ignore the village idiots and freely enter.  The bible says, ‘For grace you have been saved through faith (believing in Christ) that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God not of works lest anyone should boast, (Ephesians 2:8-9).’


Pastor Marilyn Hunter