Avoiding The Impending Disaster - October 2020

In our world today, we have been confronted by a pandemic which no-one anywhere has been faced with before in our generation.

Our Government, both National and State are doing their best to try and contain this virus.

They have issued us with restrictions, that if obeyed, give us the best chance to avoid contracting this disease and preventing the deaths of many others.

In times of impending natural disaster, there are those who choose to obey and those who choose to disobey. Later, when we hear the consequences of the foolish actions of those who disobeyed, we naturally grieve at the unnecessary deaths that occur. At the same time realising they made their decisions as a matter of choice.

Mankind was created to enjoy a perfect relationship with God
We were also created with free-will. Through bad decisions, sin entered the world and our lives. Consequently, a disaster called Judgement is heading our way. God desires none to perish. He came as a man (Jesus Christ), and paid the complete penalty for our sin on the cross. However, due to the unchangeable law of free-will, God can only save those who freely accept His gift of salvation. He has warned us many times in the Bible – Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. It is now a matter of choice. For those who choose to reject God’s offer of eternal salvation, or choose to make no choice at all (after the age of accountability), God must ultimately respect their decision - and leave them to their own devices in a place set aside, where His provision (which has long been taken for granted) will be eternally absent.

Those who reject God also reject His provision which will ultimately leave them in a chaotic vacuum that, for lack of a better word, is called, ‘Hell’. (See John 3:16-18).