Our Pastor

Senior Pastor Tim Emonson

Tim Emonson is Senior Pastor at Encourage Church.  Tim has a heart for the Word of God and helping people to deepen their relationship with God.  With a passion for apologetics, and an ability to convey the complex in simple terms, he preached his first sermon when he was 16.

Tim is married to Georgia, who is the church's worship co-ordinator, and they have three adult boys.  Tim enjoys watching his boys play numerous sports and even gets to play futsal with them each week in a local competition!

Tim and his family have lived in Romsey for over 17 years.  During this time they have been involved in many community activities, including Little Athletics, junior and now senior football for Romsey, playing futsal at the Romsey Recreation Centre, as the Approved Provider for the Kidzone Before and After School Program, mainly music with pre-school aged children or working in the local libraries.